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Date: 03/29/2011
Time: 03:00 AM
By: Mark Aaron
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Weather Headlines

New England Weather Story
The past couple of days have been filled with bright sunshine but seasonably cool 
temperatures. This has come courtesy of high pressure over Canada funneling cool air 
into New England. The high gradually moves east today and crests over New England by 
Wednesday. This causes a warming trend to near seasonable temperatures as the high’s 
movement shuts down the cool flow out of Canada. 

The high also suppresses storms to the south of New England so bright sunshine 
continues the next pair of days. However, this looks increasingly likely to change by 
the end of the workweek when a costal storm may make its way up the east coast. The 
track is still very unclear and ultimately determines the amount and type of 
precipitation but be aware that stormy conditions look likely by Friday. 

Your Towns Forecast    Sunset - 07:07 PM
This AM: Mostly sunny skies.
This PM: Sunshine with scattered clouds and a blustery NW wind of 12-17 mph.
Tonight: Mostly clear and cool.
Wednesday: Sunshine remains plentiful.
Thursday: Morning sunshine fades behind thickening clouds.

The 5-Day Forecast
Today Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Mild Inc Clouds Rain/Snow Mix Any Mix Ending
44 ° F       49 ° F       50 ° F       39 ° F       45 ° F       
        24 ° F       29 ° F       32 ° F       33 ° F