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Past weather data from a certified meteorologist

Business presently utiliziing The National Climatic Data Center of Asheville, North Carolina should know that many of their services are being phased out.  New England Weather Science is always available to furnish you with information which is unavailable from governmental sources.

We're courting your business

We've given court testimony in numerous jurisdictions around New England.  Rob Gilman, our Chief Meteorologist, reports the weather daily for 30 radio stations around New England and writes the widely-read "Weather Watch" column in the The Patriot Ledger.  Mr. Gilman has qualified as an expert witness in Suffolk, Norfolk, Plymouth, Barnstable and Middlesex counties.

How we work for you

All you do is provide us with the dates and locations and we'll do the rest.  Our new Request Form is just a click away. Our exclusive database will give us a full printout of weather information for that particular date and location.  We'll send it to you certified... in a week or less!  It's simple, inexpensive and accurate!