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New England Weather Science is the ONLY low-cost reliable source for past weather data!

Prompt... And accurate

Our highly efficient computerized system allows for speedy acquisition of data and fast turnaround.  NO MORE waiting for months for inferior data.  Now you can have needed plain language, easy-to-use information at your fingertips... Click here for a sample.

N.E.W.S helps you weather the bottom line

New England Weather Science can help you and your clients, as well as your bottom line.  Unlike many services, New England Weather Science doesn't charge thousands of dollars or demand a retainer fee.  As a matter of fact, the average cost for our service is only $25 per report.   Think of the thousands it can save you and your clients.

See this Fox News 25 video on how Meteorologist Rob Gilman is helping to solve crimes through Forensic Meteorology.